Translation Services

The combination of proficiency and promptness is my key point to provide reliable translation services in these following language pairs:

  • Indonesian <> English
  • Indonesian <> French
  • English <> French 

My translation services involve the fields below:

Legal documents (General, Laws & Regulation, Contract, Agreement, Sale & Purchase, Taxation & Customs, Marital & Divorce, Will & Testament, Power of Attorney, Statement, Police Official Report, Summon, Rejoinder) Agrarian, Due Diligence, Real Estate, Letters, Certificate, Licenses, International Relations, Economics, Management & Business, Tourism & Travel, Women & Children Health, Pregnancy & Childbirth, Solid Waste Management, Social Assessment, Spatial Planning and Development, Green City, Forestry, Academic Transcript, Diplomas, Journal, Thesis, Cooking / Culinary.  


Translation Process

Client --» Ordering translation and calculating the total cost of the project --» 50% Deposit payment --» Translation assignment done by the translator --» Translation draft --» Proofreading and Editing --» Final translation --» Settlement of Payment by the client --» Delivery to Client (delivery against receipt or via email).

Payment can be done by cash or transfer to the appointed bank account.  



  • Indonesian <> English: IDR 125.000 per page
  • Indonesian <> French: IDR 250.000 per page
  • English <> French: IDR 350.000 per page
  • Proofreading & Editing: IDR 35.000 per page

*page (paper size: A4, font: Times New Roman, font size: 12, space: 2)