Legal Interpreter

Working as an in-house legal translator in a major law firm in Bali for more than 6 years has given me adequate insight on Indonesian legal structure. Here's some of the legal interpreting experience:

  • Extradition Process of a Finnish Citizen based on Diplomatic Note from Australian Government to the Indonesian Government, July 2015, Bali Regional Police Office
  • Australian Solicitor interviewing deponents for an affidavit on People Smuggling case, November 2014, Grand Aston Beach Resort, Nusa Dua, Bali
  • US Woman Murder Case involving US young couple, October 2014, Polda Bali
  • Drugs Case involving French Citizen, May 2013, Denpasar District Court
  • Deception and Embezzlement Case involving Danish citizen and owner of major hotel and zoo in Singaraja, October 2011, Bali Regional Police Office
  • Inquiry and investigation process of an Australian Boy Case on Possession of Marijuana, October and November 2011 Bali Regional Police Office and Bali Provincial Attorney General’s Office
  • Inquiry and investigation process of Threat and Extortion Case involving a famous urban food station in Bali and its former graphic designer, October 2011, Denpasar Big City Police Office;
  • Interpreter for civil cases like divorce and various criminal cases such as Defamation and Unpleasant Conduct, Vandalism, Unpermitted Building Demolition, Visa Misuse, Copy Rights Issue, and Unfair Dismissal.