I am the mother of a pretty little lady and wife of a passionate graphic designer. Talking about work, I passionately started my career as a legal translator and interpreter in 2009 at a major law firm in Bali and I found it a never-ending learning process, challenging yet fun. Every translation and interpreting process gives me a different taste of experience while the information keeps flowing into my head and enriching my knowledge. I love the fact that I am exposed to new things almost every day due to the variety of assignment. During my career, I have done various translations from legal to culinary book. In addition, conference simultaneous interpreting is definitely the most exciting part of my career.

After almost six years working in a law firm and dealing with legal matters, in May 2015 I decided to establish my own translation and interpreting agency. This agency is called Léxico, providing a broader language service as a response to market demand. 

As a French-speaking translator, I have been working on some French into English translations and English into French consecutive interpreting. I was a beneficiary of France Government Scholarship for a short course in performance art and theatre in Paris. For me it was an achievement since speaking French is one of my excitements besides travelling and cooking.

I am a full member of the Association of Indonesian Translators and Interpreters (HPI). HPI is a member of the International Federation of Translators and Interpreters (FIT). Please visit my profile in HPI Directory of Indonesian Translators and Interpreters here. Additionally, the British Embassy for Indonesia has also listed my name as translator and interpreter here.